The Romantic Poet of the Internet, William F. DeVault Breaking down the Books

          In print (or, in the case of eBooks, active release)


Maquisard:  the romance of resistance (digital only)  (Amazon Digital Services, 2016, ASIN: B01N64EYAL)

A short pamphlet put out the week after the 2016 US Presidential Election, the poems were those I performed a week later in New York)


Coronato (CreateSpace, 2016, ISBN#978-1537000138)

The second of a planned three book series of my best works, following Invocato, and due to wind up in Terminato.


Gentle Into That Good Night:  poetry of my parents’ deaths (CreateSpace, 2016, ISBN#978-1536845976)

Within a 27 month period, I lost both of my parents.  These are poems inspired by their lives and deaths and the grieving process.  My father's funeral was held on a cold January morning, with a wind chill of negative 15 degrees.  My brother, David, shot this picture of a lone hiker next to our hotel that morning, and I felt it totally captured the solitude of grief.


Mythos:  Poetry of Desire and Memory (CreateSpace, 2016, ISBN#978-1536962963)

Second in a series of books of romance and sexually-charged poetry written to a woman I will no longer identify as "Lola".


Grace:  Poetry of Affection and Seduction (CreateSpace, 2015, ISBN#978-1505978872)

First in a series of books of romance and sexually-charged poetry written to a woman I will no longer identify as "Lola".


Blaspheme (CreateSpace, 2014, ISBN#978-1505549522)

A collection of dark poems from mostly my "dark catalog", poems I generally don't publish because of their negative spirit.


cleave (Kindle edition only) (City of Legends Press, 2014, ASIN B00P3282RS)

A book of poems about lovers who find themselves, and who fall apart, the concept of the book was literally inspired by a photo series done by Mariya Andriichuk, with whom I often collaborate.


love addict (City of Legends Press, 2010, ISBN#978-0-5572-8390-3)

A collection of poems about the drive to love, to feel love, to be romantic, and both the joys and the pitfalls.


Psalms of the Monster River Cult (co- w Daniel S. McTaggart) (, 2008, ISBN#978-1435707283)

Dan and I joined forces to collaborate on this volume of poems about Monongalia County, West Virginia.


Ronin in the Temple of Aphrodite ( 2006, ISBN#978-1494209520)

The concept is poetry about feeling oneself on the outside of a loving relationship.


The Compleat Panther Cycles (, 2005, ISBN#1-411-63794-1)

The full text, with annotations, of all of the Panther Cycles, all 642 poems.  The cycles chronicled the affair that ended my first marriage.


The Morgantown Suite Poems (, 2005, ISBN#1-411-63374-1)

A collection of poems written for and about Morgantown, West Virginia, where I largely grew up.


INVOCATO (, 2005, ISBN#0-411-62931-0)

An initial volume of "Best of" works by my standards.


Love Gods of a Forgotten Religion (iUniverse, 2002, ISBN#0-595-22252-8)


101 Great Love Poems (iUniverse, 2002, ISBN#0-595-25882-4 (paperback) and ISBN#0-595-65402-9 (hard cover))


from an unexpected quarter (iUniverse, 2000, ISBN#0-595-00231-5)


          Out of print:


Selected Poems:  2004-2011  (Apokalypsis, 2012, ISBN#978-0615549378)


Selected Poems:  1996-2004  (CreateSpace, 2013, ISBN#978-1478176763)


Selected Poems:  1972-1996 (Apokalypsis, 2013, ISBN#978-0615821221)


As Such… (peacat press, 2008, ISBN#978-1-4357-1448-9)


from out of the city (Writers Club Press, 1999, ISBN#978-0966859119)


PanthEon  (PanteraPress, 1977, ISBN#0-965-95760-8)